Mount Mora Cemetery

"Voices of the Past" 2018

Voices of the Past 2018 Old Joe's St. Joe. Held October 18 & 19, 2018 in the annual event bringing St. Joseph history to life. The tour started at the St. Joseph Convention & Visitors Bureau where they met Joseph Robidoux, Chief White Cloud, Pierre, and Pelagie. Then the visitors were transported to Mount Mora Cemetery where they were greeted by Mrs. Sarah Landis and Mrs. Jane Ann Kemper. The visitors met Mrs. Angelique Vaudry Robidoux, General Benjamin Loan, Mr. Joseph Davis, Mr. Jeffrey Deroine, Mrs. John Shortridge, Mrs. Malinda Keedy, and Mr. Simeon Kemper. The evening ended with a vocal finale of "No More Night".

Thank you Megan Wyeth for the beautiful pictures!

#1 Pierre (Judge Ron Taylor), Joseph Robidoux (Jim Lehr), Chief White Cloud (Ken Paden)
#2 Joseph Robidoux (Jim Lehr), Chief White Cloud (Ken Paden), Pelagie (Marci Bennett)
#3 Mrs. Sarah Landis (Sharon Kosek), Mrs. Jane Ann Kemper (Suzanne Lehr)
#4 Mrs. Angelique Vaudry Robidoux (Elaine Justus)
#5 General Benjamin Loan (Gary Westcott)
#6 Mr. Joseph Davis (Patrick Squires)
#7 Mr. Jeffrey Deroine (Gary Wilkinson)
#8 Mrs. John Shortridge (Dee Dee Squires)
#9 Mrs. Melinda Keedy (Jo Anne Grey)
#10 Mr. Simeon Kemper (Rev. Scott Kilgore)
#11 Vocal Finale (Rev. Darrell Jones)

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