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Record Last Updated On: 4/2/2014
Death Date: MAY/24/1914 Interment Date: MAY/26/1914 Birth Date: SEPT/23/1838
Age at Death: 75y8m1d Cause of Death: CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE,APOPLEXY
Location at Death:  Saint Joseph, Missouri
Physical Location at Death: Home 602 So. 9th Street
Sex: F Nativity: American Ethnicity: Caucasion
Military Branch: Military Rank: War Service:
Other Special Distinctions/Memberships:
Child of: Fountain L Maupin & Vienna Jarmen
Spouse of: Daniel Austin Meadows
Mother of: James T. Meadows, Fountain Edgar Meadows, William C. Meadows Frank Owen Meadows, Mrs. C.E. Magrun, Mrs. E.C. Tilley, Mrs. Wallace Smith
Father of:
Other Known Relatives: Children: James T. Meadows (1856 - 1923), William C. Meadows (1860 - 1900), Elijah G. Meadows (1867 - 1902), Frank Owen Meadows (1886 - 1957), Fountain Edgar Meadows (1858-1942), brother P.W. Maupin
Brief Biography: St. Joseph News-Press May 25, 1914 Death of Old Resident Mrs. Verona Meadows had lived in this county all her life and in St. Joseph forty-two years. Mrs. Verona Meadows, seventy-five years old who had been a resident of St. Joseph for forty-two years, died at 2:30 o'clock, Sunday morning at her home, 602 South Ninth street, where she had lived for forty-two years. She is survived by four sons, three daughters and a brother. The sons are J.T., F.E., John S.,and Frank Meadows all of St. Joseph, and the daughters are Mrs. C.E. Magrun, Denver; Mrs. E.C. Tilley, Norfolk Va; and Mres. Wallace Smith, Sheldon, Iowa. P.W. Maupin of St. Joseph is the brother. Mrs. Meadows was the daughter of Fountain L. and Viola Maupin, who came to Missouri from Kentucky in the early days. They located on a farm near Garretsburg, this county, where Mrs. Meadows was born , and where she lived until her marriage Jan. 19, 1854 when she and her husband went to housekeeping in St. Joseph. Mrs. Meadows was greatly beloved by all who knew her, particularly by children, of whom she was very fond. Her late husband D.A. Meadows, was for many years in the livestock business, and the livery business her. He was killed in a railway accident at Chillicothe, Mo., twenty years ago. She was a devoted member of the First Christian Church and seldom missed a service when her health would permit her to attend. The funeral will be conducted at the home at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and Dr. C.M. Chilton, pastor of the First Christian Church will officiate. F.E. Meadows is at Long Beach, Cal., and will be unable to be present.
Tombstone Material: N/A Tombstone Shape: N/A Tombstone Condition: N/A
Vault Type: Burial Number: 7521  
Mausoleum: N Ashes:  
Other Relatives in Plot: Daniel Austin Meadows (husband), Elijah G. Meadows (son), Esther Meadows, Frank Owens Meadows (son), William C. Meadows (son).
Lot Location: 2
Block Location: 5
Section/Range Location: J
GPS Coordinates:
Funeral Home:
Funeral Home City/State:
Cost of Interment: $6.00 Date Paid: 06/30/14
Photo(s) of Tombstone:
Tombstone photo
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